Anirban Saha

Anirban Saha


Anirban Saha, who has a background in Electronics & Communication Engineering, founded, a website committed to providing useful and trustworthy information about gardening and plant care.

Initially a hobby, Anirban’s passion for gardening grew over a decade, as he focused on growing plants from seeds and understanding the distinct care needs of various species.

To deepen his knowledge and experience of gardening techniques, Anirban spends weekends with experienced gardeners in his area, learning valuable tips and tricks from experts.

As a dedicated gardening enthusiast, Anirban is eager to share his experiences and expertise with readers.

He aims to inspire others to discover the pleasures of gardening and plant care through his articles and advice.

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  • Decade of Gardening Passion: With over a decade of passionate involvement in gardening, I initially started as a hobbyist and gradually acquired extensive knowledge through hands-on experience and dedicated research.
  • Scientific Gardening Approach: I bring a scientific mindset to gardening, applying data-driven methods to optimize various processes and consistently achieve successful results.
  • Long-Term Commitment: My commitment to this hobby has spanned more than a decade, evolving into one of my core areas of expertise.

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