Anirban Saha


Anirban Saha, B.TECH (ECE)

Anirban Saha is the founder and editor of, a website dedicated to providing helpful and reliable information about gardening and plant care. With a background in electronics and communication, Anirban has a deep interest in technology, but in his free time, he loves to tend to his small garden and grow a variety of plants.

Anirban has been exploring the world of gardening for over six years, and he has a passion for growing plants from seeds and learning about the unique care requirements of different species.

In order to gain a better understanding of gardening techniques and practices, Anirban spends his weekends with experienced gardeners in his area, gathering tips and tricks from the experts.

As a gardening enthusiast, Anirban is excited to share his experiences and knowledge with readers of He hopes that his articles and advice will inspire others to explore the joys of gardening and plant care.



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