Are Christmas Cactus Poisonous to Cats? (Know This FIRST!) 

Christmas Cactus is a very popular houseplant that has beautiful blooms. They are sold in many shops and online. However, as these are houseplants you may have the question in mind whether the Christmas cactus are poisonous to cats.

In this post, I would discuss about this in detail.

Are Christmas Cactus Poisonous to Cats

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Are Christmas Cactus Poisonous to Cats? 

No, they are not. Christmas cactus is not toxic to cats(1). There are a few other species of cactus that are toxic to cats, but the Christmas cactus is not one of them. The Christmas cactus is not known to be harmful to cats unless they consume large amounts of it. 

A single, unopened cactus plant can weigh anywhere between 1 and 3 pounds. If your cat eats one of these plants, it will likely have no ill effects. 

However, if your cat continues to eat cactus plants, they could develop a minor stomach upset, but no lasting damage will occur.

Is Christmas cactus toxic?

Christmas Cactus Plant
Christmas Cactus Plant

Some people are afraid to buy Christmas cacti because they are unaware of the plant’s toxicity. The truth is, there are many different types of cacti.

Some are toxic, while others are not. Christmas cactus is not toxic and poses no danger to people who own or love it.

What Christmas Plants Are Poisonous to Cats?

Many different flowering plants can be toxic to cats. These plants contain a substance called alkaloid. Some of the most common Christmas plants that can cause a cat to suffer from alkaloid poisoning are Mistletoe, Poinsettia, holly berries, and amaryllis.

Why does my cat chew on my Christmas cactus?

There are several reasons why a cat might chew on a cactus plant. One reason is that they like the taste. Many houseplants have a strong odor that some cats like. 

Another reason is that the plant may look similar in texture to a cat’s favorite toy. Cats usually do not chew on Christmas cactus very much, though. 

They may chew on it for a short period, then spit out the spines without swallowing them. After a while, the plant may lose its attractiveness and be discarded.

How do I stop my cat from eating Christmas cactus?

There are a few things you can try to stop your cat from eating your Christmas cactus plants. You could try to cover the plants with a glass or plastic dome. Doing this will make the plants inaccessible to your cat, and they will most likely stop trying to eat them. 

Another thing you can try is to place the plants in a room where your cat can’t get to them. 

Take precautions to ensure your cat doesn’t have direct access to the plants, and they should be fine. If your cat is eating your Christmas cactus plants out of curiosity, there is no reason to be worried.


Let’s conclude the post on whether the Christmas Cactus are poisonous to cats!

Even though Christmas cactus is not toxic to cats, they shouldn’t be given access to it. If a cat chews on a Christmas cactus, it may have a mouth full of spikes. You should also take caution when buying a random plant off the street and place it somewhere safe.