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Christmas Cactus is a very popular Christmas gift during the holiday season. This is because of its ease of care and its beautiful blooms.

They are easy to care for but still many people have several questions regarding taking care of the Christmas Cactus. One of the most common questions is whether Christmas cactus likes humidity or not and how much humidity they like.

This question is important because unlike other Cactuses Christmas Cactus is not to be grown in an arid region. Its moisture need from the environment is different from the other Cactus and more similar to the Succulents.

So, Do Christmas Cactus like humidity? Christmas Cactus are Succulents that prefer humid weather conditions. They like moderate humidity of 50 to 60 percent to thrive and grow properly.

The Christmas cactus is a tropical plant, so it doesn’t need a lot of humidity. However, it does need a moderate amount of humidity to prevent brown tips on the leaves.

It’s important to remember that high humidity often leads to mold and mildew problems.

So where does that leave you?

If you live in a dry climate, you may want to put a humidifier in your house to keep the Christmas cactus happy. If you live in a humid area, it’s best to keep the humidity low.

Do Christmas Cactus Like Humidity

Let’s get started to know in detail!

How much Humidity is needed for Chrismas Cactus?

It should be remembered that humidity is measured as a percentage and is closely related to the temperature of the surrounding environment.

The more the air heats up, the more the relative humidity decreases.

Average Humidity

The average humidity that a Christmas cactus expects to receive is 50-60%.

Max Humidity

The maximum humidity that this plant should receive is 60%. Anything beyond this max humidity is not recommended.

Min Humidity

The minimum humidity that this plant should receive corresponds to 50%.

If it has received humidity of 45 or 48%, its disadvantage should not be serious.

But you should never go too far from 50%.

How does Humidity play a vital role in Christmas Cactus?

Christmas Cactus is a Succulent that needs Humidity for its growth and blooming at the proper time.

In the wild, these cacti grow in moist, tropical environments, so it’s important to mimic these conditions in your home if you want to keep your Christmas Cactus healthy.

If the humidity is too low, your cactus may start to lose its leaves and might not flower. You can increase the humidity around your cactus by misting or by using a humidifier.

So, humidity plays a vital role in Christmas Cactus.

Best Ways to Raise Indoor Humidity

Christmas Cactus plants are relatively easy to care for and will last for many years in your home if you know how to properly care for them.

Although Christmas Cactus are considered succulent plants, they require a lot of moisture in the air, particularly during the winter months.

In order to help your plants survive the cold winter months, you’ll need to make sure that they have enough humidity.

To check the humidity of your room, you can use a Hygrometer available online. Once you measure the humidity using it you will find the humidity percentage of your room.

If you find that the indoor air in the house is dry, it’s certainly a good idea to invest in a humidifier for the room that will give benefit all the indoor plants. 

All plants release moisture into the air, this creates a small humid environment especially when the plants are grouped; if the surrounding air is dry, the humidity is removed from the plants.

If the home doesn’t need more humidity, we can consider a small humidifier for table plants that emits just enough humidity into the air to affect nearby plants.

1. DIY Christmas Cactus Humidifier

You need a tray, pebbles, and water.

The first step consists to fill the tray with pebbles.

After you should pour the water over the pebbles, but don’t let the water rise above the bottom of the top layer.

The water evaporates slowly, causing increased humidity all around the plant itself.

Do not leave your Christmas cactus directly in the water, otherwise, you will end up with a plant that has withered due to root rot.

2. Use Mister to mist the Christmas cactus

Nebulizing the air around the plants creates an environment full of water molecules. Nebulizing brings the optimum air for tropical plants, as it quickly creates a rainforest-like atmosphere.

Use lukewarm water for the Christmas cactus in the morning, without forgetting to keep it away from drafts from doors and windows, as well as the home’s heating and air conditioning ducts.

You’ll notice when the pant needs more moisture when the leaf tips dry, brown or if it starts shedding too many leaves.

But you will also need to notice when the leaves appear mushy and brown, or if the soil has a strong musty smell, this will mean that the environment is too hot and too humid.


Let’s conclude the post on whether Christmas Cactus do Like Humidity!

As we discussed you need to keep your Christmas Cactus in moderate humidity and adjust your humidity conditions if it is not in the ideal range. Follow the tips mentioned above to raise humidity.

Also, while considering humidity it is best to place a hygrometer in the room you are placing Christmas cactus to get an accurate idea about the room’s humidity.

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