Epsom Salt for Christmas Cactus: Is it good, Can You Use it?

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A Christmas Cactus is a very popular succulent that people love to have in their household. This is for a very good reason, when a Christmas Cactus blooms, it provides a lot of different colors on the plant itself. 

This helps with making a specific room in your house look more colorful and lively. But like all plants, Christmas Cactus requires care and attention, and one thing these succulents need is magnesium and many other nutrients. 

Because of this, people wonder if they can use Epsom salt to use as a fertilizer for their Christmas Cactus. Here we will answer some questions you may have about using Epsom salt for a Christmas Cactus.

Epsom Salt for Christmas Cactus

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What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom Salt(MgSO4·7H2O) is Magnesium Sulphate in its heptahydrate form. Epsom salt is a common product people use to help with different problems a person may have with their body. It is also used in agriculture where the soil needs Magnesium and Sulphur as it is a good source of both Magnesium and Sulphur.

During the crystal structure formation of Epsom Salt, it has 7 water molecules in it.

And the funny bit here is that Epsom salt isn’t really salt at all, it just has salt in its name because of its chemical composition and has nothing to do with food or table salt at all. 

And because of its chemical compounds, especially with it containing magnesium, people wonder if they can use it on a Christmas Cactus.

Can you use Epsom Salt for the Christmas cactus?

Epsom Salt can be used for Christmas Cactus as it is very good at helping Cactus and many other succulents to boost their flowering activity.

This in turn will also help the Christmas Cactus to have greener foliage and look more colorful and lively. 

This helps it take in more nutrients from the cactus’ surroundings as well, and can definitely make sure it boosts vital nutrients the cactus needs to stay alive.

Is Epsom Salt Good for Christmas Cactus?

Here are some benefits of using Epsom Salt for a Christmas Cactus:

  • It helps improve the soil quality. This is because Epsom salt is high in magnesium, and is an essential nutrient for a Christmas Cactus.
  • The nutrients Epsom salt contains will help your Christmas Cactus have really colorful flowers.
  • Epsom salt will also help your plant look greener and healthier
  • Epsom salt can help with transplanting a Christmas Cactus too, lessening the “transplant shock” so the plant doesn’t die.
  • Epsom salt will help your Christmas Cactus grow quicker, too, while making it easier for it to blossom.

How to use Epsom salt for Christmas cactus?

Now that we talked about the benefits of using Epsom salt in a Christmas Cactus, now will talk about how to use Epsom salt for your Christmas Cactus.

The best thing to do is to take warm water and let it mix with the Epsom salt. This way, the Epsom salt will fully dilute with the warm water. 

You can also put it in a spray bottle to make it easier for you as well, so you don’t accidentally spill any water in the process, or overwater your Christmas Cactus.

How often do you use Epsom salt for Christmas Cactus?

Now that you know how to use Epsom salt with a Christmas Cactus, you may be wondering how to feed your Christmas Cactus Epsom salt. Of course, you don’t want to overdo this because too much of a good thing can be bad.

This is why you should only fertilize your Christmas Cactus monthly with Epsom salt. So that this way, you won’t overdo it by giving your Christmas Cactus Epsom salt. Like all good things, too much Epsom salt can be bad for a Christmas Cactus.

Likewise, you can give your Christmas Cactus other things outside of Epsom salt to ensure that it is getting all of the necessary nutrients it needs to not only survive but flourish.

Homemade fertilizer Recipe for Christmas cactus With Epsom Salt

Now that we talked about how often you use Epsom salt with a Christmas Cactus, you might be wondering if there is a good homemade recipe to use as a fertilizer.

It is recommended that you use 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt per gallon of water for your Christmas Cactus. This will ensure that the Christmas Cactus gets all the nutrients it needs including magnesium. 

But make sure you follow our suggestion of only doing it on a monthly basis because too much Epsom salt can harm a cactus. You can also use this in a spray bottle, but make sure it is all diluted before you put the Epsom salt water in a bottle.

Alternatives to Use for Christmas Cactus Fertilizer

Now like with everything, there are obviously alternatives you can use. This can be the case for Epsom salt, too. Here are a few examples.

Coffee Grounds

It actually is well known that coffee grounds can be good for any plant. This is also true for a Christmas Cactus, this is because it contains both Magnesium and Potassium, two of the most essential nutrients a Christmas Cactus needs.

Banana Peels

Banana peels are another good alternative to use for fertilizing your Christmas Cactus. This is because banana peels contain potassium which is what a Christmas Cactus needs to flourish.

Tea Leaves

Tea leaves are also good for fertilizing a Christmas Cactus. This is because Tea leaves contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These are essential to a Christmas Cactus’ growth and development.

Egg Shells

Egg shells can also be beneficial for a Christmas Cactus too. This is because it contains calcium-carbonate, which can help with its root systems.


Let’s conclude the post!

We talked about if Epsom salt is a good fertilizer for a Christmas Cactus. We learned that it s a good fertilizer because it contains magnesium, which is a nutrient that will help your Christmas Cactus grow. 

We also talked about how to use Epsom salt on a Christmas Cactus and how often you should use it on a Christmas Cactus. Then we mentioned some of the best alternatives to use for fertilizer.

We hope you learned something and helped clear up any questions and concerns you might have with using Epsom salt on a Christmas Cactus,

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