How Fast Do Christmas Cactus Grow? (ANSWERED!)

There is no magic trick that can instantly grow your Christmas Cactus big. However, there are ways to ensure that your Christmas cactus is growing at a good rate.

In this post you will find, how fast Christmas Cactus grow, the steps to grow faster, and also factors that affect Christmas Cactus growth. This would give you a complete guide on this topic.

How Fast Do Christmas Cactus Grow

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How Fast Do Christmas Cactus Grow?

The growth rate of Christmas cacti will depend on the species.

A Christmas Cactus can grow at normal growth of 5 to 10 cm per year depending on the type of Christmas Cactus species, and other external conditions like soil, temperature, humidity, etc.

It can reach a size of up to 2 feet in the next few years. Choosing the right pot is crucial in the growing stage and proper repotting should be done at the right time.

For example, a Christmas Cactus will grow faster if it gets the right nutrients or if it is watered often enough. However, the rate at which a cactus grows will also depend on soil and temperature conditions.

How can I make my Christmas cactus grow faster?

There are several things you can do to make your Christmas cactus grow faster and larger. 

First, you should ensure that the Christmas cactus is getting enough water. You should never let it go dry for too long because this will significantly slow down its growth rate. 

You may need to water this plant more often than other plants indoors. Other important things that you should do include:

1. Provide adequate lighting

Although the Christmas cactus prefers indirect light, it should be placed close to a convenient source of light (preferably, afternoon sun). 

Plants that are not exposed to enough light may become spindly and weak.

2. Specify the correct temperature and humidity

Christmas cacti need a temperature between 60 and 80 during the day and between 50 and 60 at night. The humidity level should be set between 40% to 55%. 

If the temperature is too high or the humidity is too low, your plant will suffer.

3. Water regularly and well

You should water your plant regularly, and this means at least once a week. However, you should make sure that you only water it enough to leave the soil about half dry. 

This will ensure that your cactus receives enough water during the winter season. You should also make sure that the pot stays moist at all times as moisture is vital for Christmas cactus’ healthy growth.

Factors that affect the growth rate of the Christmas Cactus

Here are the factors that can affect the growth rate of your Christmas Cactus:

1. Type of Soil

The type of soil that you grow your Christmas cactus in will affect the rate at which it develops. 

You should select a healthy potting mix that is rich in organic matter and that has good drainage. The soil should also be free from plant diseases. 

The best soil for Christmas cactus is a mixture of equal parts of peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite. The vermiculite helps to retain moisture, while the perlite and peat moss improve drainage. 

You should use high-quality soil that you can purchase from the garden center or from an online supplier.

2. Overfertilization

Christmas cactus plants should not be overfed because this will result in excessive growth. The plant will not only grow very fast, but it will also become weak and spindly. 

Overfertilization can lead to root rot and the plant may die. You can determine if you are overfeeding your plant by checking its soil regularly. 

You will also be able to tell if the plant is getting enough water.

3. Watering Frequency

The frequency with which you water your Christmas cactus will also affect its growth rate. When you water it, make sure that the soil stays moist, but not soggy. 

A good rule of thumb is to water it once a week. However, this does not mean that you should never let it get dry in the winter months because this may cause your Christmas cactus to rot, or die completely.

4. Pruning

You should also prune your Christmas cactus. Prune it safely by using sterilized shears. This is because you may expose the plant to diseases when you cut off the dead parts of your plant. 

You can also remove and dispose of these contaminated parts to prevent the spread of disease around your home and garden center. 

When you prune your cactus, make sure that you are not exposing it to too much sunlight since this may lead to discoloration or sunburn.

5. Temperature

The ideal temperature for your Christmas cactus should be between 65 and 75. 

Be careful not to expose the plant to temperatures that are too high because this will cause it to deteriorate quickly.

6. Humidity

The humidity level of your home or garden center should be between 40% and 55%. 

If the humidity is too low, the plant may develop a condition called “cristate,” which involves the development of permanent swelling in various parts of the plant (especially on the stem).

7. Light

Christmas cactus can grow well under both artificial and natural light conditions, but it will do better in more indirect light. It should be placed up to a foot away from the source of light so that it receives enough light. 

The amount of direct sunlight that your plant receives will also affect its growth rate, but it will depend on how good the lighting conditions are.

8. Pest Infestation

The rate at which your Christmas cactus grows will also be affected by the presence of pests, particularly spider mite infestation. You should regularly check your plant for spider mites. 

If these pests attack your plant, they will suck out a lot of its food, and this may slow down its growth rate. 

In case you find any pest infesting your plant, you should pick off the infected parts of the cactus and dispose of them in a way that prevents the spread of disease in the rest of your garden or home.

9. Pot Size/Planter Size

The size of the pot in which your Christmas cactus is growing will also affect the rate at which it grows. 

You should select a pot that is big enough to allow it to develop its roots, but not big enough to cause injury when handled or damaged. The pot should also have good drainage, and be free from problems such as excessive soil compaction and root rot.

How big will a Christmas cactus get?

Christmas Cactus can grow very big, and it is not uncommon for them to be more than a few feet tall. In fact, some Christmas cactus plants can grow about 18 feet tall. 

The plant’s height will also depend on where you choose to place it. If you plant it in an area with a lot of sunlight and warm temperatures, it may grow faster and taller than normal. The size of the pot that you use will also affect the rate at which your plant grows.

Christmas cactus is a beautiful plant, and it is one of the best Christmas gifts to give to your friends and family. 

You can create a fantastic-looking holiday display by decorating your home with this plant. 

The plant will also help you get into the Christmas spirit, but you should remember that it is still a living thing, and therefore its care requirements are not the same as those of artificial trees or festive decorations.


Let’s conclude the post on how fast Christmas Cactus grow!

If your Christmas Cactus is still growing slowly don’t worry much. If you have all the conditions met, then just wait for some time for the plant to adjust itself with the changes before you can see some good growth.

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